How to Export Your Animation as Storyboard, Video, GIF and PSD


Yay! It’s Time to Export Your Animation

Exporting animations is an exciting moment. Animation Desk supports many export formats, including MOV, GIF, PDF, Photoshop files, and ad.package. In this section, we will show you how to export the animation.

Export Animations with Different Formats

Go to the Sequence Tab. You can select to view the sequences in Gallery Mode or Grid Mode. The pictures below show the location of the export button.
Grid Mode AnimationDesk_ExportAnimation
Gallery Mode AnimationDesk_ExportAnimation

Export Animations as a Video


Animation Desk provides 3 types of aspect ratios, 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9. Tap start to add an audio track and export the video. Currently, users can add one audio track in a sequence. The exported videos are saved in the camera roll.

Export Animations a GIF

GIFs are fun. You can export GIFs as big as 640480px, 480320px, and 240*160px.

Export as PDF Storyboards


Storyboarding is a good way to plan your stories and communicate ideas. You create storyboards with Animation Desk and export storyboards as PDF sheets. Simply draw each shot in a frame, and choose to export the sequence as a PDF. Animation Desk provides 4 different storyboard layouts.

Export Ad.packge, an Editable animation format

Ad.packge is the native format for Animation Desk. This means you can import ad.package file to Animation Desk Android and Animation Desk UWP to continue the editing process.

Export Photoshop Files


Select "PSD” as the export format. Each frame in Animation Desk will be exported as one Photoshop layer. If you select multiple Animation Desk layers, the app will merge all layers together before exporting the animation. Eventually, you will have each frame in Animation Desk as layers in Photoshop.


In case you have many frames, Animation Desk also allows you to divide the frames into different Photoshop files.
For example, if you create a 3-layered animation with a total of 12 frames. When you export this sequence as Photoshop files. Below is how it looks like when you select to export all 3 layers and have all the frames in one Photoshop file.

Let’s Try it Out: Export and Share Your Animation

We hope you enjoy Animation Desk as we do! If you post your work on social media, please don’t forget to "#AnimationDesk" so we can spot your works.


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