Animation Desk app for Windows 10: Interface Navigation


Animation App on Surface Pro or a Windows 10 Laptop

Animation Desk UWP (Universal Windows Platform) runs on Windows 10 devices. The app provides a great way to get a taste of animation production. In this section, we will show you around the editing interface.

Brushes and Editing Tools in Animation Desk

The editing tools are on the top of the canvas. From left to right, they are selection tools, color fill, pen, brush, marker, pencil, spray, screen tone, dodge & burn, eraser, brush size, and brush opacity. Next to the brush tools are the color palettes, color picker, and rulers. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

View Frames

Traditional animation is composed using a sequence of frames. To view all frames in a sequence, please click on the frame button at the bottom. Scroll to view the frames. You can add a new frame, duplicate a frame, repeat a frame, or delete a frame with the action buttons. Please enter the frame viewer If you wish to view all frames at once or select a batch of frames. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Viewing Layers

The layer panel shows on the left side of the editing interface. If you can’t find it, please click on the layer button at the bottom. You can rename the layer, insert an image, or clear the layer. You can hide the layer panel to get a bigger drawing space. When the layer panel is hidden, you can still switch between different layers with the dropdown list.


Enable Onion Skin, See Through Previous Frames

You can find the onion skin feature in settings. Monochrome onion skin changes the opacity between the frames. Color-coded onion skin shows the previous frame in red and the frame after in green. You can turn the onion skin feature on and off by clicking the light bulb button. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Hotkeys in Animation Desk Windows 10

Hotkeys are the shortcuts on a keyboard; users can perform actions faster by tapping a combination of keys. You can enable “hotkey hint” in settings. By doing so, the keyword hints will appear at the button of the canvas.

Inspiration: Using Animation Desk at Work or in Classes

We hope you have a pleasant experience with Animation Desk! To learn more about how other users are using Animation Desk at work or in education settings, check out the Kdan Mobile blog.


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