How to Import Reference Video and Image Using Layers


Use Layers in Animation

A frame might contain multiple layers, and each layer works independently. Layers allow animators to separate the graphics and edit these graphics easily. You can also import reference videos or images to layers in Animation Desk.

View Layers

The layer panel locates at the left of the canvas. Click the "Layer" button to hide or expand the layer panel. When the panel is hidden, you can still switch between layers with a dropdown list. The number on the layer button refers to the current layer you are on. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Drag and hold to stack the layers. Tap the eye button to hide or show the layer on the canvas.

How to Import Photos to a Layer

Click the editing button to check the dropdown list. You can import one image or multiple images in a sequence of frames.

  • Importing Single Image: select and import an image on the canvas. You can rotate or resize the image. Don't forget to click "Paste" to paste the image on.
  • Importing Multiple Images: when you import multiple images, these images will be placed in a sequence of frames. For example, when you import three images on layer 01 in a blank animation file, these images will be placed on frames 1, 2, 3 on layer 3. If you have hand-drawn animation on paper, you can use this method to import them in Animation Desk. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

How to Import Videos to a Layer

You can import videos and use them as a reference. Click "Insert Video" and select a video. You can trim the video to keep the part you need and can adjust the scale before loading the video to a layer.

Let's Try: Reference Videos in Animation

Reference videos and photos help animators to capture specific poses and motion. It's quite common that animators perform and record their own video references. However, don't let the reference video limit your originality. According to Animation Island, the gist of a reference video should be:

  • Shapes
  • Emotion and mood
  • Arc
  • Rhythm
  • Weight distribution
  • Silhouettes

Do you find this information helpful? Let's create a reference video and use it in Animation Desk to start an animation.


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