How to Lip Sync and Add Background Music to Your Animation


Add Sound Recording, Music, and Sound in Animation Desk

You can add unlimited soundtracks to your animation in Animation Desk. Select "MP4 videos" in the export menu, the app will lead you to an audio editor in which you can record, import, edit audio clips.

Enlarge the Editing Interface

scroll or use two fingers on a touchpad to enlarge the audio editing interface. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Import Music and Audio

Once you enter the audio editor, click "Add Audio". Select and import an audio file.

Add Sound Recording

Make sure you have allowed Animation Desk to access your microphone. Click the "Record" button. The sound recording will start after the countdown. Click the "Stop" button when you have finished your recording.

Trim or Move the Audio Clip

Click on the sound clip. You will see two arrows at each end of the bar. Drag the arrow to adjust the audio length. Click and hold to move the audio clip.

Align Audio Clips

move the indicator to where you wish to start playing the audio. Click and hold to move the audio clip. The clip will snap and align with the indicator. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Sound Fade-in, Fade Out

Select an audio clip on the timeline. Click the "Fade" button. You will see two dots at each end of the audio clip. Use these dots to control the volume changes. Click "Done" after you complete the settings.

Rename an Audio Clip

Right-click on an audio clip and click "rename" to rename the audio clip.

Save the Changes

Click "Save" after you finish the editing. Animation Desk saves both the video and audio information in the sequence. You can come back and continue editing.

Inspiration: Foley

Foley is the audio production in filmmaking. Foley artists reproduce sound and enhance sound effects in post-production. The making of sound effects can be surprising. For example, the sound of a ticking clock might come from a pair of clipping scissors! Foley artists need creativity and observation. Let's use the audio recording feature in Animation Desk to reproduce the sound for your animation!


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