How to Customize Color Palettes for Your Animation


Set Up Color Swatches and Color Palette for Your Animation

Color creates an atmosphere and gives your characters a certain vibe. Animators set up color schemes for a scene or a character. In Animation Desk, you can save one or more color palettes and access them easily.

Manage and Access Colors Quickly

There are 5 color slots on the top of the canvas for quick access. Click on the color slot to change colors. You can select colors on a color wheel or set up HSV. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Set up Color Schemes and Create Color Palettes

You can design color schemes and save them as color palettes in Animation Desk. Click the "Color Palette" button and click "Add" to add colors manually. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Color Analyzer and Color Palette

You can also extract colors from an image. Click “Extract Color Palette from an Image”. Import an image. Animation Desk will analyze the color combination and create a set color palette based on the results. You can remove the unwanted colors or add in new colors before saving the new color palette. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Inspiration: Model Sheet and Character Design

A model sheet is a document that shows a character's facial or body features. Colors play a crucial role in character design because colors strengthen characters' personalities. For example, Asuka's red suit in Neon Genesis Evangelion brings out her passionate and somewhat fiery temper.


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