Animation Process - The Workflow in an Animation Project


Animation Project, Workflow and Tasks

There are 3 stages in a hand-drawn animation project: pre-production, production, and post-production. In the section below, we will briefly go through the tasks in each stage.


  1. Brainstorm the story plot
  2. Visualize the storyline and plan the scenes required
  3. Audio (optional): You can pre-record voiceovers, or record a voiceover after the animation is done.
  4. Export a storyboard, note the length of the animation and the total number of frames required.


  1. Art Design: Set up the color schemes, concept art, and color scheme. Make a character sheet that demonstrates a character from different angles.
  2. Draw keyframes.
  3. Fill in using inbetween scenes.
  4. Line Cleaning: Clean up unwanted lines and sketches on the frames.
  5. Color the frames based on the art design guidllines.

Post Production

  1. Film editing
  2. Background music
  3. Screening

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