How to Control Speed and Motions with Frames


Arranging Frames in Animation Desk

When drawing a complex movement, animators draw the keyframe first and fill in the inbetweens to make sure that the animation plays smoothly. A keyframe (or key drawing in traditional animation) is often the frame that shows the extreme posture of a sequence of action. For example, when a bouncing ball reaches its highest point. In Animation Desk, you can add and re-locate frames freely.

Edit Frames in Timeline and Frame Viewer

About the Timeline and Frame Viewer

The timeline is located at the bottom of the editing interface. It shows all the frames in the sequence. You can hide the timeline while drawing. Tap on the Frame Viewer button to expand the timeline and view all the frames in the frame viewer.

You can duplicate, repeat, delete, or tag frames in the timeline or frame viewer. However, you can select multiple frames in the frame viewer, whereas you can only edit one frame at a time in the timeline. Tap or select frames to edit the frame.

Duplicate Frame

You can duplicate the frames and edit them individually. When you duplicate frames in a row (eg. Frame A1, B1, C1), the app generates the same sequences of frames following the original ones. That means you get a sequence like A1, B1, C1, A2, B2, C2. It’s useful for creating animation loops. ADiOS_InterfaceNavigation_Brush ADiOS_InterfaceNavigation_Brush

Repeat Frame

Repeating a frame is a helpful technique to control time and movement. It’s a great way to extend a sequence and to make an action look slower. ADiOS_InterfaceNavigation_Brush

Delete Frame

When a frame is deleted, it’s deleted permanently. Please make sure that you don’t delete the wrong frames. Arrange the Frames Tap and hold a frame to arrange the frames.

Tag a Frame

Frame tag helps you identify particular frames. You can mark out the keyframes or the frames that you wish to edit again later. Tap on a frame in a timeline or in a frame viewer and tap the “Tag” button to tag a frame. You can choose tags with different colors and add editing notes to each tag. ADiOS_InterfaceNavigation_Brush

Let’s Try it Out: Repeating Frames

Many of us are confused about frame duplicate and frame repeat. Please create a 6 frames animation and draw some things on the frame. Preview the animation. Go to Frame Viewer, select the frames, and repeat them. Preview the animation again. Do you see the differences?


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