How to Control Speed of Your Animation- FPS and Frame Repetition


Frame Repetition and FPS in Animation Desk

Motion speed represents the textures and weight of an object. You can control the animation speed by repeating the frames. The repeated frames will last longer and slow down the motion. You can also alter the FPS (frames per second). By default, FPS 24 is the standard in animation production, but FPS 12 can be a pretty good start for hand-drawn animation.

View the Frames Quickly

Click the frame button to expand the frame panel next to the canvas. Scroll to browse these frames in a row. The action buttons are located on top. Select a frame and click the "repeat" button to repeat the frame. You can find other action buttons next to the repeat button. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

View the Frames in Frame Viewer

You can select and repeat multiple frames in the frame viewer. Enter the frame viewer and get in the selection mode. Select multiple frames and click the "repeat" button. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

About FPS - How Fast Should You Animate?

Frames per second (FPS) is a key setting in animating. A very low FPS makes the animations laggy. A very high FPS is unnecessary for Youtube videos or web design because the difference can be subtle. A very high FPS also means animators need to draw more frames and higher demand on hardware capacity. You can set up FPS when creating a new sequence. Additionally, you can click on the time information between the play buttons to adjust the FPS. FPS 12 is a good start, we recommned FPS higher than FPS 8. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Inspiration: The X-sheets in Animation

Animators use an x-sheet (exposure sheet) to present how an animation will play out. An x-sheet marks out the number of frames in each shot. In the example below, each shot takes up two frames. This makes the motion slower compared with the shots that are only one frame.


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