How to Use Rulers in Animation Desk


Drawing Animations with Rulers

Animation Desk offers a linear ruler, quadrilateral, ellipse, triangle, and protractor. You can transform and resize the shapes to meet your needs.

Draw a Straight Line

Click the "Ruler" button on the top-right corner of the canvas. Click and drag the dot on the long side to resize the ruler. Click and drag the dot on the short side to rotate the ruler.

Draw a Quadrilateral and Triangle

Select the "Quadrilateral" and "Triangle" in the menu to place shapes on the canvas. Click the cross in the center of a shape to move it around. Click and drag the dot to rotate and resize the shapes.

Righ-click on the shape (or long-tap on the screen, or double-tap on the touchpad) to open the action menu. Click "Transform". Drag the dot to change the angle of the quadrilateral and triangle shape. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Draw an Ellipse and Circles

Select the "Ellipse" in the menu. Click the cross in the center to move the shape. The two dots on the frame represent the minor axis and major axis. Drag the dots to adjust the length of the axes. Select "Protractor" to draw a circle. Click the dot to adjust the size of the protractor. Click the cross in the center to move the protractor around the canvas. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Reset the Rulers and Shape

If you wish to undo the transformation, right-click (or long-tap on the screen, or double-tap on the touchpad) on the shape and click "Reset" to start over. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Inspiration: Shapes and Emotion

Studies have shown some relationships between shapes and emotion. We can divide shapes into,

  • Geometric: structured and symmetrical shapes
  • Organic: curves and uneven
  • Abstract: simplified shapes or a combination of different shapes

Here are some examples of how shapes present emotion.

  • Triangle: dynamic, aggressive, tension, direction
  • Square: rationality, structured, organized
  • Circles: Love, peace, protection

Do you agree with the description? You can incorporate these ideas in character design.


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