How to Export Animation and Storyboard


Export and Share Animation

This is an exciting moment! Animation Desk supports the following export formats, ad.packge, PNG (Portable Network Image), GIF, PDF, and MP4. Let's check them out.

How to Export Video

Right-click on any sequence in the sequence tab. In the menu, click "Export" and select "MP4 Video". Additionally, you can find the export button next to the canvas. You can add the sound recording, music, or audio clips to your animation. To view more information about the audio feature, please visit "How to Lip Sync and Add Background Music to Your Animation". AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Save Frames as Pictures

To export all frames in a sequence, please right-click on any sequence files, select "Export" and "PNG Files". You can use the exported image in other image editing software, such as Photoshop, to make more edits.

Create Animated GIF

Click "GIF Animation" in the export menu. Animation Desk supports the following sizes: 640 x 380, 480 x 360, 240 x 180, 120 x 90.

Export ad. package

ad.package is the native file format of Animation Desk. It means that users can import ad.packages to other Animation Desk apps to continue editing. In the export menu, select "ad.package" to export the animation sequence as an ad.package.

Let's Try it Out: Using Animation Desk to Create Pencil Test Storyboard

Animation Desk is a helpful tool for creating pencil test animation and animatic storyboards. You can create multiple sequences and put them together as a "Storyboard". It's a handy feature for presenting your ideas. You can add notes on each sequence and freely reorder these sequences.


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