How to Track Motion with Onion Skin in Animation Desk


Monochrome Onion Skin and Color-Coded Onion Skin

Onion skin allows you to see through frames and make sure the motion is smooth and fluent. Monochrome onion skin identifies the order of the frames with different levels of opacity. A color-coded onion skin shows the previous frame in green, the next frame in red.

AnimationDesk_App_Brush AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Where is the Onion Skin in Animation Desk?

The onion skin option is located in Settings. Click the button to open the menu, you will find options to see through the frames. AnimationDesk_App_Brush

Turn on and off the Lightbox

In traditional animation, animators put a thin piece of paper on a lightbox to see through the paper sheets. In Animation Desk, we have similar settings. After you enable the onion skin, you can turn on and off the lightbox by clicking the lightbulb button.

Inspiration: Animation Desk

The name "Animation Desk" is derived from the animation desk used by animators in traditional animation. An animation desk is a wooden desk with a lightbox installed under a rotatable glass plate. Animators place paper sheets on the plate to draw and check the consistency between frames at the same time. In Animation Desk Android and iOS, we still keep this original symbol.


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