Capture E-Signatures Faster with DottedSign API

Equip your system with our fast, developer-friendly, and legally-binding E-Signature API to enjoy greater flexibility for your business flow.


Why Choose the DottedSign API?


Automate Your Signing Flow

E-Signatures are easier and faster than traditional paper signing. Integrate DottedSign's API into your system to optimize the document management process.


Safeguard Your Documents Integrity

Securely delivers the documents in compliance with PDF specifications. Capture legally-binding e-signatures through DottedSign API in an encrypted process.


Get Everything Done in Your System

From document creation to getting deals sealed, you can monitor progress and save your completed documents without leaving your system.

DottedSign API Makes A Difference in Your Workflow

As your business grows, your document workload also scales up. Having DottedSign API integrated into your system makes your project management efficient, which incorporates e-sign automation into your existing process.

Simple Integration Process
Smooth and Secure Delivery Flow
Real-Time Tracking and Management
Document Integrity and Backup

With a few lines of code, you can easily integrate DottedSign API into your system. Continue to generate your purchase order or any document that requires signatures, assign the signing fields, and start the signing flow.

DottedSign API automates the signing flow by delivering notifications to your clients when it's their turn to sign. DottedSign ensures the document delivery is safe with encryption when your clients sign, initial, or insert stamps to the designated fields.

Without leaving your system, you can track and manage all e-documents in one place. Your clients will see the latest progress as the signing flow takes place. All stakeholders involved will be in the loop for the entire process - from when the document is created to when the signatures are documented.

As the signing flow ends, you can retrieve the document, along with its audit trail, in your system. Your clients will also receive notifications with access to the completed file.

Integrate DottedSign API in Various Business Services

Online to Offline Service

Optimize customer experience in the contract signing process

The System automatically generates the contract and designates the signing fields. After the Agent confirms the contract details, the Client receives the request right away and inputs the signatures remotely via the webpage. Job done!

Both the Agent and the Client can retrieve the copy of the completed contract whereas the System keeps the document and the audit trail safe and secure.


Front Desk and Sales Service

Create a paperless process to manage customer data more efficiently

The System automatically generates the member registration form, fills in the customer's profile, and designates the signing fields. The Clerk selects the form for the Customer to sign in-person via a tablet at the front desk. Sorted!

The System keeps the signed form safe and secure while the Clerk downloads the file for archive within the system such as POS.


Internal Review Process

Reduce the traditional paperwork and the delivery time

The System automatically generates the document that requires the internal review of the department and delivers to the assignees, such as senior managers. They receive the notification via the App and input their signatures right away. Progress tracking is available in the System at anytime.

Once the document is complete, the System saves it along with the audit trail as backup.


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