How to Create an Animation Portfolio on AniZone


What is AniZone

AniZone is a free platform for users to share all types of animations. Users can comment on animations and build up their own animation portfolios.

How to Create an Account on AniZone

You will need to have a free Kdan ID to log into AniZone. You can either sign up for a Kdan ID in Animation Desk app or sign up on AniZone website.

With a Kdan ID, you can build an animation portfolio or create animation collections on AniZone. If you find something interesting, give the creator a like or comment.

Upload Animation to AniZone

Right-click on the sequence in the sequence tab, click "AniZone" to upload this animation to AniZone. The app will ask you to fill out some information about the animation. You don't have to fill out every box, but this information will help viewers understand your work more.

Let's Try it: Create Animation Portfolio

After you upload the animation, you can check them in your portfolio on AniZone. You can also check these animations in the AniZone tab in Animation Desk.


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